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 safe, supported 

 accommodation for young 

 men and women 

Crisis Refuge

Crisis Refuge

The Crisis Refuge provides safe supported accommodation for young men and women, 15 - 17 years, inclusive 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Accommodation can be provided for one night or up to 3 months.

During their stay at ASYASS Crisis Refuge, young people will be provided support through case management (where appropriate). Young people will also be supported to;


  • identify and work towards their goals;

  • address their health, education and income needs;

  • develop appropriate life skills

  • (re)engage with family (where appropriate); and

  • Access long term accommodation where necessary



Age needs to change from 15 -17 to 13 – 17years of age.

inclusive 24 hours a day – needs to be removed as we are not inclusive 24-7 during school Term. Young people are expected to be in school or some form of work activity

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