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 Ampe Akweke Place

Ampe Akweke Place (Mothers and Babies Place)

Ampe Akweke is a program for young woman, 13 to 23 years of age, who are having a baby or have a baby 2 years and under. Ampe Akweke offers both outreach support and residential support, if the young women have nowhere suitable and safe to stay. Young women can stay in a safe house for up to three months.


Ampe Akweke works with young women to ensure they have theirs, their unborn child or their babies health needs met. Ampe Akweke residential support workers provide parenting, education and support as well as case management to all young women accessing the program.


Ampe Akweke house is a 5 bed facility that caters to the current needs of each individual who requires a safe space. Ampe Akweke’s main goal is to create independency, seek safe housing options and provide support for raising strong, healthy babies.


Please contact the Team Leader by calling or texting 0429 405 082 for further information.  

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