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 Alice Springs 

 Youth Accommodation 

 and Support Services 


Come find us at our new location - 7 Diarama Village, Alice Springs


Alice Springs Youth Accommodation and Support Services Inc. (ASYASS) is a non-profit, community focused organisation that has offered assistance to young people in Central Australia for over twenty-eight years.


ASYASS believes that all people have a right to secure, appropriate and affordable housing. Many young people are often disadvantaged in their access to housing through factors such as inexperience, family crisis and breakdown, financial insecurity and community prejudice.

Homelessness is defined by ASYASS as being physically without shelter, or in housing that poses a threat to a person's physical, mental or emotional wellbeing. This also includes people who are unable to find housing and may be perpetually insecure.

Therefore, ASYASS seeks to ensure that young people have equal opportunity and are supported to obtain safe, secure, affordable and accessible housing.


ASYASS staff work in partnership with a wide range of local organisations and individuals to deliver a number of programs and services that assist young people and the community.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


The human, social and economic rights of all young people are promoted and respected within the community.



To create a community where young people are treated equitably and have appropriate access to goods and services that will allow them to live safely and comfortably as valued and respected members of our society.



  • We value a way that will increase the sense of belonging and connectedness to community.

  • We value and respect the people we work with.

  • We are flexible in our response to people’s needs.

  • We believe that people have the power to change their situations.

  • We respect people’s differences.

  • We view people in the context of their situation, their environment and their communities.

None of us work well in isolation. ASYASS wouldn't exist without our incredible community and peers. Check them out by clicking on the links below! 

Alice Springs Women's Shelter 

Australian Childhood Foundation 

Mission Australia 

Relationships Australia

Tangentyere Council 

The Salvation Army

Other links to helpful and life-changing resources:

Beyond Blue - for help with depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention. 


The Black Dog Institute - research and prevention for mental illness.

Balanced Choice Programme by Adam Drake - activities for youth at risk of offending or involved in the justice system.

The Lowitja Institute - national institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research. - Online safety resources; "Help Keep Our Mob Safe Online"

Our Community
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