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Welcome to the ASYASS Blog!

So that we have a platform to thank everyone who supports us, showcase some fantastic work and wonderful clients, and keep you up-to-date on all things ASYASS, tune in or like us on Facebook - let the blogging begin!

For our very first blog we'd like to let you know that our 2017/18 Annual Report is up on our website, or you can pop into HQ and pick up a copy.

We also want to thank the community, our staff, our peers and supporters who come in all shapes and sizes - Thank You!

Special thanks to NT Housing and the Commonwealth Government, and the following amazing organisations: Alukura, Anglicare, Alice Springs Hospital, BushMob, CAAC, CAALAS/NAAJA, CAWLS, Centrelink, Children's Commissioner, DASA, Jesuit Social Services, GAP Youth Centre, Lifeline NT, MHACA, MiFANT, Mission Australia, NPY Women's Council, NT Legal Aid, NTCOSS, NT Women's Shelter, NT Royal Commission, Red Cross, Relationships Australia, Tangenyere Council, Youth Outreach & Re-engagement Team Territory Families, Wesley Mission, and Roger Oakden at Alice Springs Prime Cut Meat Supplies!

ASYASS Annual Report
2017/18 Annual Report - Come get 'em while they're hot off the press!

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