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Keeping Our Kids Safe Online

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Our kids have never been more vulnerable. 1 in 5 young Australians have had a negative experience online and 1 in 4 have been contacted by a stranger. As the gap between our "real world" and our "online world" grows further apart, incidents of online bullying, harassment, and addiction to technology are perpetuated. Hidden in anonymity and disconnected from humanity, there has never been a more urgent time for us to understand what goes on behind this invisible curtain.

Young people already face so many challenges; learning about themselves, emotional and physical changes, social cues and responsibility. As adults we give our children tools to equip them for what lays out in the open, in our natural community. We too grew within the bounds of communal walls. While the online world has opened an infinite door to positive social and informational connectivity, without the skill to navigate this vast expanse we leave our kids to wander in the dark.

It happened so fast. This wave of technology that now occupies most areas of our lives. We haven't had the time to develop a protective strategy for our children. They seem to understand it better than we do because they are immersed in it daily. But understanding something is different than being controlled by something. We still know what life was like without it, and that is an advantage. We are a vital link to keep our kids at arms length from harm. When the pressure of the whole world is looking at them through a screen they should know that they can turn around and we will be there, arms outstretched.

The eSafety Commissioner has put together resources to help us start taking an active role in the online lives of our children. Helping us to help them develop the skills they need for positive online experiences. It all starts with a conversation.

Click on the Vimeo links below for videos on how to start the conversation with our kids!

For more information and great resources visit the website. As parents, carers, and community members we need to act now to shed light on online safety.

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