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Cross Sector Orientation Workshop

Last Thursday, many of our staff attended a great Workshop at the convention centre, reacquainting health, family, and community workers to all the services available in the area. The Cross Sector Orientation, organised by Territory Families, was training day provided by social service agencies to educate about new or existing programs. It was a chance for those new to the area or the industry to really dive into all the support we have and opportunities for collaboration.

Representatives of all the Social Service-related organisations, enjoying the presentations!

With so much work and the nature of social services being tough at times, learning who else is out there can give us valuable knowledge and strength. Social services cannot exist in isolation. To gain the best outcomes for all our clients we need to connect with everyone in our community. Territory Families, and all those who showed up, and gave presentations, offered a great opportunity to let us remember that we are not alone. We are all focused on a common goal; working together to better the lives of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Tania (left) and Janet (right) having a great time at the Cross Sector Orientation!

Thank you to Territory Families and everyone who participated on the day. We are proud and humbled to have such enthusiastic peers!

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